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(Please note that many testimonials make mention of owner's former business in Princeton, NJ - Tiger Hall. Tiger Hall was sold in September of 2013)

CHILDCARE: I can not say enough good things about my son, James' experience at Tiger Hall. He has attended the preschool and camp since he was two years old. Yinka and everyone at Tiger Hall have been so warm, kind, and loving toward him. But the best part is how much he has learned; academically and socially. He loves school and never wants to miss a day. I wish my older boys had had such an amazing preschool experience. James goes to kindergarten in the fall and we are so very sad to be leaving Tiger Hall. I feel so grateful that he was there and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Molly Palmer said on Jun 11, 2013 1:07 PM

CHILDCARE: Molly and Shail have attended Tiger Hall's Ready Set Go Pre-school since the minute they were eligible. Yinka and her staff are loving, patient, and consistent. Their constant dedication to respectful dialogue with all the children (and their parents) is unmatched. My children love Tiger Hall so much they ask to go every day. It is always a celebration to go to Tiger Hall. We are so grateful for the unconditional love in addition the individualized curriculum. Molly has been motivated to read since she was 2, so Yinka taught her to read. Their daily field trips instill adventure and responsibility into every day. Thank you so much for all y'all do!!!

Carrie said on May 19, 2013 11:49 AM


(Handmade Decorations)

EVENT PLANNING: My daughter (4) and I Just attended a birthday party yesterday at the Tiger Hall in Princeton and I was really impressed with everything. There were about 18 attendees (4-5 yr olds) and everyone seemed to have had an amazing time. The owner and her staff were very pleasant and gracious. The activities were different and fun. My daughter got her her hair braided with beads, a little color hair extension, a cute hair accessory, light fun make-up including nail polish. I personally am not a big fan of make up and polish for little kids but it was done in a very tasteful fun way that I allowed my child to participate. All the girls got to pick princess/dress up costumes upon arriving then they decorated a little color bag that was later stuffed with there make over accessories including the nail polish that was used to paint their nails. I thought the partly was lovely and was very well organized. The attention paid to the details made the event feel extra special. I am thinking of hosting my daughters 5th bday at this location.

Happy Party Mom (Yelp Poster - 2/18/13)

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